Visual Identity review of Afterlife by Jennie Savage.

Visual Identity review of Afterlife by Jennie Savage.
Circa Magazine. Issue 107

ISSN 0263-9475

(extract) Afterlife deals with the liminal space between life and death and pinpoints a grey area, free from fear, that allows the viewer to examine life and its set of complex relations to the thereafter.

Spectate, a film by Anthony Shapland, takes this idea and examines it through the unconscious moments of the living, the notion that we all experience death in the moments when we cease to be conscious. One such instance is through the process of looking when one is no longer conscious of one`s corporeal state.

As with the film After life from which the exhibition takes its name, an abstract space is identified between the reality of the corpse and the speculation as to what happens next. In between these two areas is an idea, an unreal space, a concept - a place in which to think and respond to life in the abject. The selected works in the exhibition negotiate and question this space and, as a whole, the exhibition acts as body which cracks the equation of life then death and creates a window of opportunity to think outside the linear and beyond one`s own belief system.