Ers, still. 2020 1 of 8


The film brings together different thoughts and fragmented narratives after an invitation to make work about the Epynt clearances. This text is one of the narratives. Home is near to where I live now, but out of reach. I haven`t been there since early spring 2020. News is passed to me through phone calls and hopeless zoom attempts.
I started thinking about a place I have a recurring dream about. I can never work out if it`s a real place I visited when I was young - a memory - or a memory of a place I`ve only been told about. Or whether it is just a dream, my dream, the same place again and again.

Duration: 06`22`Cymraeg & 06`22`English ( 12`44`)
Single-Channel, Colour.
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Sound: Stereo