Install shot, Oriel Davies. 1 of 12

A Sound Not Meant To Be Heard

Screen one follows a character, the player who wanders the edges of urban development, up and out beyond the tree line to the sheep-grazed highest point, another screen is a script, the narrative for this film. Taking three different standpoints I, You, and He, it builds up their interactions, mirroring, mimicking and misunderstanding. On a third screen a Foley artist syncs himself to the player, using props and a mixing desk to generate a simultaneous soundtrack, responding to every move, every action. The title, can stand as a direct reference to Foley sound effects in film, fictional noises without which footage can feel unnaturally quiet or uncomfortable, as well as a sense of fitting in, of blending into the world so well that we pass unnoticed.

Dur: 14`58, Three Channel, Colour
16:9, Stereo